“Products, Printing and Passions”

Here at Zoe Rae photography not only do I want you to have beautiful images I want you to have beautiful products to take away. This is even more pertinent in the days of digital photography where images are stored on USBs and often thrown away in drawers to be forgotten about.

Who amongst us doesn’t love to look at photographs of our ancestors lovingly bound into delicate albums or grand frames? In years to come will our children be looking at our USBs with no way to access them as the technology has moved on? Those with photos on floppy discs for example are now hard pressed to access or print their images.

But here we have a solution for you in beautifully presented USB boxes, print boxes and our fabulous range of frames, albums and baby books. I’m very passionate about getting images off technology and displayed on our walls. It’s a well proven fact that children who grow up surrounded by photographs of themselves in the home have higher self esteem. Pop over to my house and you’ll see my two girls on prominent display.

So today I’m introducing our new range of products for you to lovingly store your images. These have been sourced to coincide with the launch of my new branding and website.

A quick story about my logo – it represents a dandelion (and possibly a camera lens too….) which was one of a series of images I took of my youngest daughter Carla when I was studying photography. For some reason they have stayed with me more than any others from her early childhood. Evie would also sit blowing dandelions for hours….My girls are my whole world and its appropriate for me that it represents them. At the end of the day its them I get up in the morning for. That and large mugs of tea!!

Our first product is the USB box. I have sourced everything from a UK based supplier which was important to me. After much searching for exactly what I wanted clients to have I was faced with only US manufacturers. Then I came across Dawn and her company on Etsy. The service was fabulous and the boxes are gorgeous. The crystal USBs bear my dandelion and the handy box ensures those USBs won’t get easily lost – a priority for my clients who have busy lives. It can also be left on display on the home as a great reminder to print those images!!

Secondly we have the print boxes for family, baby and wedding photos. A USB can be popped in alongside to keep all your photographs together tied with a ribbon! All my collection couples receive 5 complimentary fine art paper prints in these boxes along with their USB. I just love them. The fine art prints are gorgeous and add a touch of luxury to your beautiful images. The boxes offer a fabulous way to store those captured moments forever and the quality means they won’t look out of place on a shelf at home instead of in the cupboard!


Next time I’ll be showing off our framing and wedding albums. For now if you do one thing go on your phone and get those photos printed! Here’s a tip; the app ‘Free Prints’ gives you over 40 free prints a month for the cost of postage and you can upload straight from your phone in seconds. My 14 year old daughter Evie does this frequently and hangs all her pics on wee pegs from the fairy lights in her room. It looks fab. And having seen the quality they are fairly decent for free photos!

Lastly since I’ve mentioned them so much I’ll introduce Evie and Carla to you here!