An Outdoor Family shoot FAQ.

Outdoor shoots give wonderful opportunities for fabulous light filled images of children and families. However they are not the same as a studio shoot obviously – they’re better! They also come with some mud, Scottish weather and the unpredictability of young children. Here I talk you through some pointers to make the session go smoothly and deliver you some great family imagery.

Where to go?

Got a special family spot? Children love the forest? Where you met as a couple? You are free to choose your location but I can assist with this too if needed. There are many stunning places in and around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire where shoots can take place to give your images that extra special feel. Each season also lends itself to different places – a bluebell woodland in Spring or a leaf covered forest in Autumn. I can recommend great loactions for all times of the year.

What to Wear?

There are no hard and fast rules here. Be comfortable, be warm! Relaxed casual clothing is fine, pick a neutral base or two and add in a splash of colour if you wish. Try to avoid logos and any busy items where possible and bring along changes for young children – it can be lots of muddy fun at times! Again before your shoot I will send you some ideas based on your preferences. I’ve had many a mum send me her kids wardrobe photos the night before and we’ve picked out what works between us both!


What Happens?

The shoot will take approximately 1-2 hours. Many shots will take place whilst your family relaxes and has fun. Some light posing can occur to give you a wide range of images but I try to work with your children and do what comes naturally for them. We can use props if appropriate and I have a full range depending on your requirements. Your shoot is all about you so most of all it will be enjoyable. I am experienced in dealing with all scenarios from reluctant children to unexpected rain and strive to get the best out of your session as possible no matter what happens. My role is to take images you will adore – you are there to enjoy and be with your family or special people!



What’s Next?

Your images will be ready for you to view around 2-3 weeks days after your shoot and true to my commitment to one to one service I can come to your home for this if you wish. An online gallery will also be available for friends and family to see these. Framing and prints will take around another few weeks and these will be delivered by me to your home. With a ribbon, a smile and a thank you!



The great Scottish weather is unpredictable even in summer! I will confirm your shoot that morning depending on the weather and forecast. If the weather is very wet, foggy or windy the shoot will not go ahead and I will endeavour to accommodate you again at your earliest convenience. Shoots can still take place on cold or overcast days, just wrap up warmly!


Overall we are all there to relax and have fun. Don’t see it as a family photography session, see it as a morning out with your loved ones. We all lead busy lives and I don’t want this to be an extra stress. Instead we’ll turn it into an adventure for the children, a stroll with your grandparents and some well needed time out for mum and Dad!  Oh and take some gorgeous images to treasure along the way…! Due to our stunning Scottish location family photography in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire has so many wonderful possibilities. Let’s go and get them!